Skyline S.r.l.s.

Logo Skyline AssorpasSkyline is a company whose proposal is to design and manufacture Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with a take-off weight not exceeding 20 Kg and the related management systems. 1st classified in the Prize Principi Attivi 2012 and 1st classified in the Prize Start Cup Puglia 2013 for the Agrifood – Cleantech sector in Apulia Region, actually Skyline is developing two different projects:

  • the realization of a fixed wing solar unmanned aerial vehicle with an endurance of at least 2 hrs;
  • the implementation of a software and web application for precision farming that interface with unmanned aerial vehicles.

The team is composed by two aerospace engineers, a designer, an avionics engineer with experience in systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, an electrical engineer specialized in renewable energy, an image processing and a management engineer.
Skyline is born in June 2013. It will develop the projects in the next two years, focalizing its interest both in the product and in the service.


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